Your neck is comprised of seven bones (vertebrae) which are the most flexible in the human spine. Now imagine trying to balance a 12 pound bowling ball all day long on top of these bones. That is what your neck and shoulders do, with your head being the bowling ball.

Folsom Chiropractor Neck PainThe neck can move your head in multiple directions, making it susceptible to injury and pain. The smallest variation in the relationship between the bones of your cervical spine (neck) can cause pain and restricted range of motion. This area is one of the most nerve-rich areas of your spine and problems in your neck can cause ailments all throughout your body.

Some Of the Most Typical Causes of Neck Pain:

Stress- There are three primary forms of stress: physical, chemical and emotional. Each one or any combination of these can affect the intensity and frequency of neck pain. Many of us manifest this stress in the neck and shoulders. The strong emotions of frustration, anger or fear can lead to the unconscious tightening of our neck muscles. This can result in the chronic headaches from the base of the skull that many of us feel.

Injuries and Accidents- A sudden forced movement of the head and neck in any direction and the resulting rebound in the opposite direction is known as whiplash. Injury to the surrounding / supporting tissues of the neck occurs as a result of this sudden whipping motion. Some of these injuries can lie dormant for years, with the vertebrae out of their normal position. In many cases, this leads to degenerative changes, decreased range of motion and pain. This is like continuing to drive your car with the wheels out of alignment. Eventually, the tires wear out prematurely.

Activities of Daily Living- Poor posture and obesity disrupt spinal balance, causing the forward head posture which is prevalent in so many people. This postural stress can contribute to chronic neck pain and symptoms extending into the upper back and arms. Barger Chiropractic of Folsom specializes in a complimentary computerized postural analysis which helps determine if this is contributing to your neck pain.

Pain is your body’s warning signal telling you there is something mechanically wrong that you should get checked out. Over the counter pain relievers might dull the pain, but they ignore the underlying cause. Chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy techniques can help most cases of neck pain by gently moving the joints of the neck through it’s full range of motion and help alleviate any soft tissue scarring. Self-help rehabilitative exercises are also prescribed and encouraged on an individual basis.

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Chiropractic has a long history of producing great results with those who suffer from neck pain and at Barger Chiropractic of Folsom, we specializing in reducing the causes of neck pain.

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